PIC - BANNER CCTC MIHP NEWSLETTER TOP PAGEToday one of our company officers was approached by a young mother.  She and her child have been enrolled into the Michigan Maternal Infant Health Program, (MIHP).  She expressed being disheartened since the company that provides the MIHP services had not visited her new baby for four, (4) months.  The mother is the cousin of our company CEO, Mr. Bruce McCollum.  They encountered one another in a family waiting area of Detroit’s Henry Ford Hospital as the family gathered when one of their own suffered a serious brain aneurysm.

She indicated she persisted in contacting them and recently they called, told her the social worker she had come to know had quit her job and was no longer working for them.  They further advised they would be sending a new social worker and diapers in a few days.  She says she was disgusted and asked if we would take over the case.  Being believers that every situation for 2 or 3 versions, we jumped to no conclusions and never asked for that provider to be identified.


Follow-up Communications are  Helpful

Knowing the State of Michigan has a specific procedure for this transfer process we advised her of this process and left the matter.  So what is the point?  There surely is no continuity of care when communication is poor between mom and agency and it can happen to anyone and any agency.  We simply have to work at maintaining best practices in how we manage cases, regardless of the specific home care business model we operate.  Hopefully, the client helps make the process easier.

Let’s communicate regularly, which shows genuine interest in those being served.

Penny for your thoughts.


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