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Good Communication Helps Mothers Understand Processes

Today one of our company officers was approached by a young mother.  She and her child have been enrolled into the Michigan Maternal Infant Health Program, (MIHP).  She expressed being disheartened since the company that provides the MIHP services had not visited her new baby for four, (4) months.  The mother is the cousin of our company CEO, Mr. Bruce McCollum.  They encountered one another in a family waiting area of Detroit’s Henry Ford HospitalRead More…


Mothers Must Embrace all the Community Has to Offer

As a provider for Michigan’s Maternal Infant Health Program we subscribe to two major ideals:  Reliability and Professionalism.  Reliability extends to our remaining true to the main tenets of the program and that includes being an informational resource for new mothers. We want to actively help in assessing and helping mothers manage risks that may be associated with environment, access to daily necessities, transportation, parental bonding and more. Professionalism extends to our efficient management, communicationRead More…


Maternal Infant Health Must Focus on Cognitively Impaired Women

MIHP or the Maternal Infant Health Program is Michigan’s largest home visiting program for Medicaid-eligible pregnant women and infants.  Many other states have equivalent initiatives.  Key program components are: It provides home visitation support and care coordination for pregnant women and infants on Medicaid. Services are intended to supplement regular prenatal/infant care and to assist healthcare providers in managing the beneficiary’s health and well-being. This business model actually allows the MIHP provider to become anRead More…