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Alert of Special Product Sale for 3-Days Only

Child Care Provider Training has never been easier or more proficient. Occasionally we use this Blog as a complement to our email campaigns to announce special availability of our products for providers of child day care and early childhood education services. This special opportunity allows a child care provider/educator to pay only $79.95 and enter into a six, (6) month subscription and use our products for annually required continuing education and/or staff development for upRead More…


Professional Development Must Include Autism Related Info

Child care providers have so much to juggle.  Every year when continuing education time rolls around, the truly progressive child care worker always searches for more insight into how best to work with children diagnosed with autism or asperger syndrome.  Developing and re-developing such a knowledge base is a major contributor to widening not only whom we can serve but how effectively we can do so. This applies in child cay care environments as wellRead More…