PIC - CHILD IN ACTIVITYChild care providers have so much to juggle.  Every year when continuing education time rolls around, the truly progressive child care worker always searches for more insight into how best to work with children diagnosed with autism or asperger syndrome.  Developing and re-developing such a knowledge base is a major contributor to widening not only whom we can serve but how effectively we can do so.

This applies in child cay care environments as well as early childhood development programs.

The course we offer which is Number 1210 and available as a 3 continuing education credit item provides simplistic, time-tested strategies for improving communication with children diagnosed with autism.

The goal is to minimize frustration with varied approaches.  In the process everyone benefits, including the child.  Many of our annual training subscription holders include this subject in those they are allowed to choose from.

At the end of the day its about being our best.  The right professional development can help that happen.

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