Course DescriptionHow to correct behavioral patterns in children and offer counsel which highlights the child’s value and potential while not demeaning and damaging.

Hundreds arranged to download or receive via email the free training course entitled:  Correction that Motives, Encourages and Inspires.  It is our Course Number 1214.  During the week of April 11, 2016 we allowed child care providers to have this 3-hour continuing education course free for 7 days.

The course gives specific insights into how to draw attention to areas of behavioral problems in a child without killing their personal spirit and crushing their potential to grow.  At the end of the course review questions must be completed with 85% accuracy which leads to the issuance of a certificate of completion.

The course has met with huge fanfare and is a means of introducing child care providers to an efficient, cost-effective means of completing annually required continuing education and developing staff throughout the year.  This is accomplished via subscription.

PIC - CORRECTING CHILD 2 DAD AND CHILDProviders from any American jurisdiction pay one fee of $179.95 per year.  They can then select from any of 50 subjects to complete continuing ed or to develop their current staff, building a library that can serve your efforts well.  The course teaches real relationship building techniques that make the child care experience more valuable.

The liability that is reduced and the quality that is enhanced in child care from usage of the best in educational products is tremendous.  We look forward to more and more friendships with those who care for our very special children.

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