PIC - DEFENSE ATTORNEY OPENING“Children perceive things differently” was the opening sentence by a criminal defense attorney who was representing a director of a child day care center.  A set of twins in the care of her and her husband had now accused them of sexually inappropriate behavior.  It happens.

What is important is that when these accusations occur, a center is able to demonstrate that it has more than adequately invested into the kind of training that imparts best practices.  These practices extend to rules in your program governing:

  1. What type of personal care can be delivered
  2. The number of staff present during periods of personal care
  3. Assessment questions that advise if a child has been exposed to improper treatment pre-enrollment

Of course the process can extend even farther.  While we cannot end the likelihood of every potential event, we can ensure that how we approach our daily responsibilities takes into consideration all possible outcomes.

With accusations on the rise, preparedness must be as well.

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