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Newly Revised Course on Security Protocol in Child Care and Early Childhood Education Settings Released to Child Care Providers Internationally –

New Twist on Management of Toxic Gases

PIC - CCTC COURSE COVER 1222 SECURITY MEASURESLivonia, Michigan (USA) – Child Care Training & Resource Center, Inc., an international provider of relevant, practical and meaningful training materials for child care providers is announcing its revised version of its Course 1222Security Measures that Contribute to Environmental Safety.

In this course is a thorough discussion on best practices designed to keep children safe in larger, institutional early childhood education setting as well as in smaller child day care environments.  One of the major revisions is the discussion on radon and other gases and how they impact a child who spends all day in a facility without detection apparatus.

Specific information from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is provided as PIC - KIDS IN CLASSwell as easy to follow information from international studies.  Also included is guidance on camera usage, getting out in front of a child’s likely physically aggressive behavior and the usage of the quarterly care conference to stay up-to-date with a child’s family dynamic and how this may impact security.

The revised course is available as a digital file from the online store, ( – Search Course 1222) and in the online school  The methodology used in determining its number of continuing education credits has not changed.  Credits remain at three, (3).


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