As a provider for Michigan’s Maternal Infant Health Program we subscribe to two major ideals:  Reliability and Professionalism.  Reliability extends to our remaining true to the main tenets of the program and that includes being an informational resource for new mothers.

We want to actively help in assessing and helping mothers manage risks that may be associated with environment, access to daily necessities, transportation, parental bonding and more. Professionalism extends to our efficient management, communication prowess and operational decorum.

PIC - INFANT MORTALITY BLACK CHILDOur nurses and social workers along with support personnel take our roles seriously and fight to prove that everyday.  We are indeed an extension of mom and baby’s medical practitioner and bring that attentiveness and support right into the home.

PIC - MIHP BANNER FOR PRESENTATIONS MINORITYAs fiduciary reps of Medicaid Health Plans we also take seriously the need for us to manifest fidelity to all services in order to complement the role these plans play in the communities as they serve children and families.  This is especially important since many of these families manage special and intricate disadvantages.  We are here to help.

Please refer Medicaid enrolled and Medicaid eligible moms to us and let us contribute to the stability of your community, starting today.


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