Detroit parents arrested after baby dies – 09/2016

In Detroit, Michigan a mom and dad are under arrest after bringing their unresponsive 11-month old baby to the hospital.  The child was dead.  Stories in the press indicate the father may have rolled over on the baby during sleep.  The same story reports that this  couple buried another child a couple of years ago.  Click Here for the actual news story.

While no program or publicly funded initiative can eliminate all neglect and wanton irresponsibility, the role of parental education can still be a positive contribution with potential for real impact.  The Michigan Maternal Infant Health Program which does have an education component for parents can accomplish this well.


Why proper sleeping positions and related conditions contribute to slumber safety. How does what is best differ from child to child. Why pulmonary conditions must be learned about by child caregivers.

As a provider of services under this initiative, Child Care Training & Resource Center, Inc. maintains as a staple of our services real, genuine parental education.  While this cannot all be accomplished in a 1/2 hour home visit, each mother served has free access to our online library of a variety of educational items and can request printed copies including our course number 1204 on safe baby sleeping habits.

When you combine meaningful education with the professional interventions of:

  1. Nurses
  2. Social Workers
  3. Infant Mental Health Specialists and
  4. Dieticians

You end up with a formula with the potential to have a measurable impact on infant mortality and safe child care regardless of the socio-economic status of the parents.  Of course those who kill babies need to be brought to justice.

At the same time those who could benefit from more new parent orientation should have that available.

Penny for your thoughts.


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