PIC - INFANT MORTALITY BLACK CHILDMIHP or the Maternal Infant Health Program is Michigan’s largest home visiting program for Medicaid-eligible pregnant women and infants.  Many other states have equivalent initiatives. 

Key program components are:

  • It provides home visitation support and care coordination for pregnant women and infants on Medicaid.
  • Services are intended to supplement regular prenatal/infant care and to assist healthcare providers in managing the beneficiary’s health and well-being.

This business model actually allows the MIHP provider to become an extension of the OB/GYN and pediatric medical practice.  The end result can be happier, healthier babies and moms.

One reality that cannot be ignored is that women in adult foster care and at home with families – although mentally ill and developmentally disabled – become pregnant.  These too need the services of a nurse, social worker, dietician and infant mental health specialist in the management of the pregnancy and care for the newborn child, even though family assistance may be involved.

Child Care Training & Resource Center, Inc, has as a priority ensuring this population is not ignored.  Of course this extends into child foster homes in the event the children are placed with others at birth or shortly thereafter.

Every business has to examine the need to serve the most disadvantaged among us.  This includes those with mental illness.

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