PIC - CHILD ABUSE TRIAL WOMAN DEFENDANTEvery business has to be liability conscious.  Let’s face it we live in a certain kind of society.  In addition, being liability conscious helps us to create safe, fair, informative, beneficial business environments that serve lofty purposes so its not all bad to be liability focused.

In child care, perception is also an issue.  At any given time we may be called upon to care for a child who has been exposed to circumstances way beyond their ability to properly assimilate mentally or manage in their psyche.  As a result the way we serve them has to be influenced by the reality of their home environment, both past and present.

CTRC - COURSE COVERS_9This can be an even larger issue in child group homes or child foster care homes.  The child is there 24/7 and trying to find their way.  They bring the fears, inhibitions, suspicions, etc. that may have grown from other previous living environments.

What owners in all child care environments have to do is to be sure you expose your staff to specialized training that governs boundaries they stay within and establishes best practices that govern how personal care is delivered, how a child is counseled and disciplined and how a child can be best successfully merged into relationships with other children, while considering the impact of their previous experiences.

Three, (3) courses come to mind, that are utilized throughout the world.  Available as printed, pre-recorded or on-line school items they are:

  1. Assisting a Child During Period of Marital Discord Among Parents – Summary:  How, without intrusion into a family’s intimate affairs, a center can help a child to maintain their focus, avoid feelings of victimization or blame while engaging in meaningful activity.
  2. Maintaining and Restoring a Child’s Dignity – Summary:  How is dignity defined and how does it relate to the care of a child? How can we intensify the preservation of a child’s dignity when giving instruction, correction or assisting in personal care?
  3. Avoiding the Appearance of Sexual Impropriety When Rendering Care to a Child – Summary:  Techniques to ensure your intentions and actions are not misinterpreted. Safeguards to ensure decency is the rule in the work of all staff.

Take the time, focus on having the most polished representatives in your child care facility and watch an amazing difference. (866.982.4449 Ext. 101)

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