HW-Business-Woman-on-phoneWe use this area to explain our products ad how you can use them.  The most popular for child day care and early childhood education providers is the annual subscription.  Your facility pays one rate and can access up to eight, (8) courses in the online school.  Since the methodology used to create each allows them to represent three, (3) continuing education credits, eight, (8) courses represent up to twenty-four, (24) continuing education units.
Listen to others:  “The school’s products and the technical help provided by the staff of Child Care Training & Resource Center, Inc. is phenomenal.  They are available by phone and email and our issues are quickly solved.”
Carol Maten
Wooden Pony Pre-School
Williamsburg, Michigan
From here you can access our on-line store and find products designed for where you live. Our continuing education and pre-hire training items are designed to promote both clinical competence and operational excellence. Many have
been written not to impressPIC - POLICIES AND PROCEDURES you with words but to allow you to benefit from the experience of those who have managed business models just like yours for decades.
Specialty boutique style subjects include:
Avoiding the Appearance of Sexual Impropriety When Rendering Care
** Specific strategies to ensure you work to avoid accusations of improper behavior when rendering personal care. A must continuing education and staff development item
Promoting the Stability of a Child with Diabetes
** Tested approaches to combing diet, exercise and monitoring to help a child with diabetes function at maximum performance
Medication Administration
** Safety and related dynamics for all care environments that assist in regulatory compliance and liability reduction
The Science and Horrors of Shaken Baby Syndrome
** Tips for ensuring your staff understands how to avoid this potentially deadly occurrence
PIC - CCTC COURSE COVER 1222 SECURITY MEASURESImproving The Security of Your Operation – With a Special Section on Protection from natural Gases