Human Trafficking training for child care providers is beyond meaningful.  Why so?  Because the numbers are staggering.  When we developed the course, our goal was to educate on how serious the plague is while at the same time giving child care providers and early childhood educators a basis for training the eye. This is the course…. Observation matters.  Why?  Because some who traffic

Child Care Provider Training has never been easier or more proficient. Occasionally we use this Blog as a complement to our email campaigns to announce special availability of our products for providers of child day care and early childhood education services. This special opportunity allows a child care provider/educator to pay only $79.95 and enter into

PIC - NURSE WITH NEW BABY BRIGHT SMILEWhat a gem of a program it is.  Michigan’s Maternal Infant Health Program or MIHP provides a home care model that serves the needs of lower income mothers and infants and promotes more stable births and early childhood development.  Allowing professional nurses, social workers, lactation consultants and others to have access to these families is a noble

Math Really is a Big Deal for Kids…

Posted by admin on September 4, 2017

While there are challenges, operating a child day care and/or an early childhood education program can be lots of fun.  A key ingredient in killing the time in some programs can be developing and using fun ways to make math come alive for children. Think about how often math matters to us adults:  From something as simple as adding up our groceries in our head to embarking on highly technical careers in the sciences, engineering

PIC - COMMUNICATING AUTISTIC CHILDAll over the world providers of care to children in day care and in early childhood education are constantly polishing their competence.  Utilizing innovative products is a big part of that. While it is true that for the most part – humans are humans – and we have been for thousands of years, today we are influenced by different things

PIC - FATHER TALKING TO DAUGHTERThere has never been a time when protecting children was not important.  Most would agree, however, that today things are quite different.  Children, including adolescents are exposed to so much today from peers, television and, of course, the internet.  This recent episode of the Dr. Phil show provides a glimpse into the reality of the times in which

Who in business has not taken a knock or two?  The same applies bureaucratically.  Local, state and federal government departments are probably sued more than private businesses, not to mention maligned.  Obviously in a world where every story has at least 3 sides, much of what we hear fails the test of legitimacy. So what is the best response when a small or even medium sized business owner has to deal with a

PIC - CHILD IN ACTIVITYChild care providers have so much to juggle.  Every year when continuing education time rolls around, the truly progressive child care worker always searches for more insight into how best to work with children diagnosed with autism or asperger syndrome.  Developing and re-developing such a knowledge base is a major contributor to widening not only whom we can serve but

Newly Revised Course on Security Protocol

Posted by admin on November 20, 2016

Press Release Blog Item

Newly Revised Course on Security Protocol in Child Care and Early Childhood Education Settings Released to Child Care Providers Internationally –

New Twist on Management of Toxic Gases

PIC - CCTC COURSE COVER 1222 SECURITY MEASURESLivonia, Michigan (USA) – Child Care Training & Resource Center, Inc., an international provider of relevant, practical and

PIC - BANNER CCTC MIHP NEWSLETTER TOP PAGEToday one of our company officers was approached by a young mother.  She and her child have been enrolled into the Michigan Maternal Infant Health Program, (MIHP).  She expressed being disheartened since the company that provides the MIHP services had not visited her new baby for four, (4) months.  The mother is the cousin of our company CEO,


Detroit parents arrested after baby dies – 09/2016

In Detroit, Michigan a mom and dad are under arrest after bringing their unresponsive 11-month old baby to the hospital.  The child was dead.  Stories in the press indicate the father may have rolled over on the baby during sleep.  The same story reports that this  couple

As a provider for Michigan’s Maternal Infant Health Program we subscribe to two major ideals:  Reliability and Professionalism.  Reliability extends to our remaining true to the main tenets of the program and that includes being an informational resource for new mothers. We want to actively help in assessing and helping mothers manage risks that may be associated with environment, access to daily necessities, transportation, parental bonding and more. Professionalism extends to our efficient

PIC - INFANT MORTALITY BLACK CHILDMIHP or the Maternal Infant Health Program is Michigan’s largest home visiting program for Medicaid-eligible pregnant women and infants.  Many other states have equivalent initiatives.  Key program components are:

  • It provides home visitation support and care coordination for pregnant women and infants on Medicaid.
  • Services


Course DescriptionHow to correct behavioral patterns in children and offer counsel which highlights the child’s value and potential while not demeaning and damaging.

Hundreds arranged to download or receive via email the free training course entitled:  Correction that Motives, Encourages and Inspires.  It is our Course Number 1214.  During the week of April

PIC - INFANT MORTALITY MOM BABYInfant mortality is the death of a child less than one year of age. It is measured as infant mortality rate (IMR), which is the number of deaths of children under one year of age per 1000 live births.  It is a serious concern in every corner of America. An indication of that includes how Gov.

PIC - DEFENSE ATTORNEY OPENING“Children perceive things differently” was the opening sentence by a criminal defense attorney who was representing a director of a child day care center.  A set of twins in the care of her and her husband had now accused them of sexually inappropriate behavior.  It happens. What is important is that when these accusations occur, a center is able to

PIC - CHILD ABUSE TRIAL WOMAN DEFENDANTEvery business has to be liability conscious.  Let’s face it we live in a certain kind of society.  In addition, being liability conscious helps us to create safe, fair, informative, beneficial business environments that serve lofty purposes so its not all bad to be liability focused. In child care, perception is also an issue.  At any given time